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BCEdAccess’ Exclusion Incident Report Form

Exclusion of students with special needs and/or disabilities is a notable problem in BC K-12 schools. *Exclusion is, under the School Act, actually a suspension and the rules that govern this should be laid out in School Board policy in for each District.

Back to School – 8 things you can do to prepare your child with disabilities

    Find out when that first day is – will your child be attending on the first day of school? Often schools will ‘suggest’ that your child may be more comfortable attending a few days or even a few weeks later instead, and sometimes you won’t find this out until very close to the date. And some families choose a later transition because they know that this is what will work best for their child.

    Back to School Advocacy Tools

    Parents and guardians of children and youth with disabilities and complex learners so often become thrust into the role of full time advocate, and so few have the information they need before they reach a point of crisis for their child.