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BCEdAccess’ Exclusion Incident Report Form

This survey is for parents and guardians of students with disabilities and/or complex learners in the British Columbia education system. It is intended to document exclusions of students and to encourage the province and school districts to track and examine their own data on exclusions, in order to find the best solutions to this global issue.

The data collected in this new survey will start on September 10th, 2020 and go through the 2020/2021 school year. The Exclusion Tracker has undergone some robust changes this year, but many of our core questions remain the same, so that we can more effectively compare data year over year. Those changes include COVID-19 specific enrollment, optional demographics, and the path back to Inclusion to assist with advocacy. 

For a direct link to this year’s survey, click https://bcedaccess.com/exclusion-tracker/

You can access the survey at any time by clicking the Exclusion Tracker link on the menu at the top of this website (www.bcedaccess.com)

This year we’re partnering with Inclusion BC to enhance the tracker and to provide robust training to parents to advocate for change in their school district. The first training session is during AdvoCon2020, which starts next week!


Exclusion of students with special needs and/or disabilities is a notable problem in BC K-12 schools. *Exclusion often is, under the School Act, actually a suspension and the rules that govern this should be laid out in School Board policy in for each District.

Some aspects of this issue were addressed and documented in 2018 in a survey conducted by BCCPAC. See the results of this survey here:

Students Denied a Full Day At School – Summary Report

In August 2020, Family Support Institute of BC, Inclusion BC, BC Parents of Complex Kids and BCEdAccess collaborated on a survey of parents of students with disabilities. 649 of 1102 respondents said they were considering pulling their child from public bricks and mortar school.

Survey Report

Here’s the data from previous years:



Students with special needs and or/disabilities are being excluded from school in a variety of ways. Some of these include:

  • Being asked to stay home
  • Being sent home
  • Being dropped off late and/or picked up early by bussing services
  • Being excluded from field trips
  • Being excluded from typical learning activities – sent to resource room or sensory/isolation room
  • Being excluded from online learning

Please fill out this survey as frequently as is necessary, and share far and wide!


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