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Another new school year is starting, and there’s so much to learn! While most of us may be excited to jump in and get started, some of us are more apprehensive than anything. Unexpected challenges for students can come up even before school has actually begun. Families are told their child will be getting less support this year, that they should not come to school for the first day (or week, or month), and the list goes on.

Parents and guardians of children and youth with disabilities and complex learners so often become thrust into the role of full time advocate, and so few have the information they need before they reach a point of crisis for their child. It’s the reason that the BCEdAccess Society was formed – to help share information and to support one another in our advocacy efforts.

In planning our October advocacy conference (check that out here), we did a great deal of thinking about what families really need to know about advocacy in the British Columbia education system.

In the end, our thoughts became what will hopefully be a useful advocacy tool – 4 pages with information on the following topics, and more:

  • What Does the School Act Say?
  • How Does Funding Work?
  • Where Do I Start With Advocacy?
  • Student Rights in Education
  • Steps for Resolving Concerns
  • Options for Filing Complaints

We’re very excited to release this document and we hope it will be shared widely both in print and via social media. School districts, schools, PACs, DPACs and individual parents of course can share this resource so that families are informed BEFORE they reach a point of crisis, and can hopefully resolve things in a positive way!

To share, you can click the links below for social media, or copy and paste the URL (web address) to share via email or in any social media as well.

To print, simply click on the link below and download and save!

We’re also happy to take your feedback. What’s missing? Does anything seem incorrect? What other resources would be useful to you that are similar?

Read (and print) the document at the link below, and watch this space as we have it translated into different languages. We should have both French and Punjabi versions available by next week when school starts! Which language do you think should be next?



2 thoughts on “Back to School Advocacy Tools

  1. how and where can I hire an advocate or attorney to help me to fight for my son’s support in a general public school

    1. If you click on the link to the document, you’ll see a few different organizations that will help you to advocate. Inclusion BC and BCCPAC will both help for sure! Join our Facebook group for more discussion and support as well. Search for BCEdAccess and request to join. Don’t forget to answer all of the questions!

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