Exclusion Tracker

Our 2021-22 Exclusion Tracker is now available! Use this tracker to report your exclusion if you are a K-12 student, or report on the exclusion of your child/youth from their edcuation if you are their parent/guardian. Exclusion here is defined as you see it – whether it’s being asked to keep your child/youth home, attend part days, miss a field trip, etc. This survey also takes you through the path back to inclusion – steps you can take to advocate for better inclusion.


Since September 4, 2018 BCEdAccess has been collecting data on the exclusion of students with disabilities from schools in BC.

BCEdAccess is run by and for families of students with disabilities and those who are complex learners. Exclusion has always been the number one topic in our private parent/guardian forum. Many of us were told that our circumstances were rare or unusual, and if we could just be patient it would be resolved – but how could that be, when so many of us were talking about it daily? In 2018, this led to the creation of our Exclusion Tracker, to provide a place for parents/guardians to create “incident reports” regarding the exclusion of disabled &/or complex-learner children and youth.

Our year-end report will be available soon. Thank you for your patience!

2020-21’s interim reports:



2019-20 reports:

Report on BCEdAccess Quick Covid-19 Inclusive Education Survey – Snapshot April 8th, 2020

2018/19 reports:

Tracking Exclusion: Interim Report

BCEdAccess Exclusion Tracker Interim Report, February 8th, 2019

Exclusion Tracker 2018/2019 Final Report