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Exclusion Tracker 2020/21 Preliminary Report

    A month into the school year, BCEdAccess already has some findings to share from this year’s Exclusion Tracker. felt it was a good time to release an interim snapshot of our data so far. Here are our major findings:

    1) Almost 70% of respondents so far had not filled out the Tracker survey last year. These are “new to us” families, and speak to the need and growth of our community. This correlates to the growth of our private parent forum, which recently passed 3,000 members strong. 

    Graphic image showing nearly 70% had not filled out the Exclusion Tracker before this year.

    2) We asked if the school-based teams had made the families aware of the BC Ministry of Education’s direction which states, ” Students who require more support in school must have full-time, in-class instruction available without any delays.” Approximately 85% of our respondents stated NO, their school teams had not provided them this information.

    Graphic image showing 85% of respondents had not been told of the availability of full time in person schooling for students with disabilities.

    3) We asked if there had been any incident which caused the child to be excluded at school. Approximately 75% said there had been no incident. Just under 10% did not know if any incident had occurred.

    Graphic image showing nearly 80% of exclusions were not because of an incident.

    4) In the 2018-19 school year, we had approximately 300 individual respondents, spanning multiple incidents of exclusion over varying lengths of time.

    In 2019-20, we had approximately 300 individual respondents, again reporting multiple exclusions over varying lengths of time, by March, before the pandemic caused school closures. The total number of reports to us had increased 179% year-over-year.

    Now, in 2020-21… we are at 55 individual reports, again reporting multiple incidents of exclusions over varying lengths of time, and we are barely a month into the school year. School exclusion has always been a crisis, but now we are starting to see just how frequently this occurs.   

    If you would like to make a presentation on tracking exclusion to your school District, please reach out to us, info@bcedaccess.com.

    If you need to use the tracker, the link is here:

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