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Instagram Live Oct 26 With BCEdAccess and the EA Standards Working Group

    Come join Chantelle Morvay-Adams and Tracy Humphreys of BCEdAccess, for a LIVE discussion with Cindy Dalglish, lead facilitator of the EA Standards of Practice Working Group, and & Natalie Taylor-Lane, amazing education assistant! Get notified when we go live, here:

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    We’ll be talking about what the EA Standards Working Group is, and what it’s been up to! We’ll also be talking about:

    -Why Standards of Practice for education assistants are so important

    -Why this matters especially now

    -How we can come together to make it happen in a way that benefits British Columbia students, EA’s, families, school staff, and society as a whole

    Your call to action:

    Share the BCEdAccess budget proposal with your MLA, local media, the Premier, and anyone you can get on board – it contains the recommendation for EA Standards of Practice as well as many others that will help to improve education in BC.

    Learn more about the EA Standards Working Group here:


    Connect with them on social media:

    Twitter @EAWorking

    Facebook and Instagram @EAStandardsOfPractice

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