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BCEdaccess Budget Proposal for the Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services



On Tuesday, August 31st, Executive Director Tracy Humphreys presented to the Select Standing Committee On Finance and Government Services on behalf of the BCEdAccess Society, via Zoom. This Committee meets annually and makes recommendations to government for the next budget, in this case Budget 2022. You can read our presentation here:

BCEdAccess Presentation August 31, 2021

And see the presentations from all participants here:

Committee Transcripts

This year, in addition to speaking, we have prepared a written submission. It outlines a total of eleven changes parents and guardians have voiced as being critical to student success in this coming year; many of these issues have been raised, but not heard for over ten years by this and other B.C. government committees and representatives. 

We hope you will consider writing to the Finance Committee, your MLA and others in support of these changes.

Contact the Finance Committee:


Find your MLA:


Download, read and share our Cover Letter and the full Budget Proposal below:

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