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Advocating for Special Needs in BC Schools – a Conference for Parents/Guardians

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APRIL 2, 2016 – 930 AM TO 430 PM, Roundhouse Community Centre, Vancouver, BC

Contact us at equitableaccesstoeducation@gmail.com with any questions.

Do you have a child who needs extra support at school? Wondering how to get your child what they need to survive and thrive in the system? Exhausted and unsure where to go for help? Tired of waiting for the school system to finally get that assessment or write that IEP? Join us for a special one-day conference on these topics!

Whether you’ve got a confirmed diagnosis or you have a child who seems stuck in the system, join us for inspiration as well as practical tips and techniques. You’ll learn what you can expect for your child and how the system operates, how to advocate effectively,  and what to do if your child isn’t getting what they need, while turning around relationships with school staff and saving your sanity. Hear from real parents who’ve been through grueling experiences and managed to re-emerge with tools and supports for their children, while finding the right fit in the BC system. You’ll also find a community of parents who really get your experience and can help you feel less isolated.

KEYNOTE SPEAKER –  Birgitta Von Krosigk

Advocating for the Advocate
by Birgitta von Krosigk
Coach, Facilitator, Mediator, and Researcher at Dialogica, Vancouver, BC

For more information:

April 2 Advocacy Conference – Keynote Speaker Birgitta von Krosigk

Morning Session:

Access to Education: BC Update
Aboriginal Experience with Inclusion
Education as a Human Right

Afternoon Workshops:

Self-Care for Advocates
Success Stories Panel
The ABCs of IEPs
Tools for Getting to Yes
Connecting with Outside Agencies
Advocacy Next Steps

Register by  Tuesday, March 1st for your early bird discount!  Fees should not be a barrier for any participants.  Please contact the conference organizing committee at equitableaccesstoeducation@gmail.com should you require additional assistance.


6 thoughts on “Advocating for Special Needs in BC Schools – a Conference for Parents/Guardians”

    1. Hi Lisa, I am in Victoria, so I very much understand. Vancouver was chosen as the most populated area, for the first conference. It’s my hope that this will be a success and we can hold additional conferences in other areas as well! It’s a big province and we know Vancouver isn’t the only place families need help.

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