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April 2 Advocacy Conference – Keynote Speaker Birgitta von Krosigk

We’re very excited to announce our keynote speaker, Birgitta von Krosigk!

About the presentation – Advocating for the Advocate

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Being a parent or primary caregiver of a child with special needs brings with it many tasks and roles over and above the traditional parental/caregiver ones. This is on top of whatever role brings in the financial means of sustenance and survival. In addition, parents and primary caregivers also often find themselves “on stage” in the role of School System Advocate.

So let’s advocate for the Advocate and recognize the hard work that goes into taking on this role that often lasts for many years. This presentation will also share information, tips, and techniques to make the advocating tasks easier and more effective, and therefore more sustainable in the long term.

You will learn about:

  • case law relevant to special education in BC,
  • the process of appealing a decision to the school board, and
  • negotiation principles and dialogue tips

You will also be invited to:

  • reflect on what you need in order to juggle all your roles, and to
  • set an intention for this day and how to translate that intention into action.

About the presenter:

In her former role as a litigator, Birgitta von Krosigk worked on many special needs files, including Auton, Anderson, and Hewko. She also represented clients before human rights tribunals and in school board hearings. In her current roles as mediator, facilitator, coach, and researcher, Birgitta works with individuals, families, and businesses to create better solutions in areas such as career development and talent management, succession planning, and work/life balance (particularly work/caring balance).

We look forward to seeing you in Vancouver on April 2nd!

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