#Advcon2022 – Save the Date and Sponsor this event!

    BC EdAccess is proud to be hosting our 8th annual educational advocacy conference. The upcoming event will be our third fully virtual AdvoCon, hosted online from Thursday, October 20 through Sunday, October 23, 2022.

    Letter With Recommendations For January 2022 Back To School In #BCed

      Asking disabled students to stay home if they don’t feel safe is ableist. Action to specifically protect vulnerable learners will show that their safety needs are a priority. This is an opportunity to get it right, after a very isolating year where so many families just left altogether when they realized that no one was going to offer safe and equitable learning to their disabled children and youth.When we ask for equitable access to education, it applies to health and safety too. Creating a safe learning environment for disabled students and staff benefits ALL students and staff, and the broader community.

      International Human Rights Day 2021

        It’s International Human Rights Day. Learn about our Day 8 rally for disability rights, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and SDG 4, Inclusive and Equitable Quality Education. #bced #bcpoli #HumanRights

        Executive Director’s statement on Comments in the Legislature

          I was quoted saying that families without current access to supports and services through CYSN are thrilled. What I said was that SOME families are thrilled. This is an accurate statement. What she didn’t share is that I ALSO said many families are anxious about the changes.

          Instagram Live Oct 26 With BCEdAccess and the EA Standards Working Group

            Come join Chantelle Morvay-Adams and Tracy Humphreys of BCEdAccess, for a LIVE discussion with Cindy Dalglish, lead facilitator of the EA Standards of Practice Working Group, and & Natalie Taylor-Lane, amazing education assistant!

            We’ll be talking about what the EA Standards Working Group is, and what it’s been up to! We’ll also be talking about: