This is the beginning of a series of conversations BCEdAccess will host through the next school year about our hopes and dreams for inclusive education. We hope you will be able to make it to join in the first part at AdvoCon2021, our 7th annual conference held September 22 to 26 online, with recordings available if you’re a ticket holder and can’t make all ‘live’ sessions.

Tickets on Eventbrite now – members of the BCEdAccess Facebook groups receive a significant discount, and the first 100 tickets purchased receive a care package delivered to their house!


“So often we create only from what we know. Let’s go beyond that and envision a school system that reflects our dreams -. a welcoming, safe and truly inclusive environment where everyone feels like they belong.” – Tracy Humphreys, Executive Director, BCEdAccess

Tracy has ADHD and is a parent to three amazing children with disabilities. An entrepreneur in her business life, she has also been an active volunteer in BC schools for over 20 years and was awarded the 2019 Victoria Community Leadership Award in Lifelong Learning for her work as the founder and chair of the BCEdAccess Society, advocating for equitable access to education for children and youth with disabilities.

Workshop: Dreaming Big About Education

What could an ideal education system look like? Let’s brainstorm together and imagine some ways we can include everyone from the start.

This will be the first session in a series of conversations through the 2021/22 school year, talking together about how to make education better.

What are some components of an inclusive and welcoming education system? What is working well right now? What are other jurisdictions doing that we would like to see in BC? What is essential for a system to work for all students across all identies?

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