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Help us keep Social Groups going

    Throughout the past year BCEdAccess has been hosting free virtual social groups sessions that are accessible for kids and young adults with disabilities and complex learning needs with the support of the Canadian Red Cross and the Government of Canada. 

    The pandemic has been extremely isolating, with some children not being able to interact in-person with their peers for over a year. There are very few extracurricular activities for children and youth with disabilities that are accessible in terms of location, cost, and support, and we felt that due to feelings of disconnect during the COVID-19 pandemic it was especially important to provide youth with the chance to get together and have fun. 

    Our previous social group sessions have included art projects, music bingo, dance and movement, LGBTQ+ teen socials, Minecraft and Animal Crossing and even Pop-Up Author readings! 

    Our hope in running these groups was to provide something that fosters connection and positive mental wellness for children and youth, as well as their families. Our regularly scheduled sessions are currently on pause for the summer and we were hosting select reunions throughout the summer, but even those are quickly coming to an end with the last session happening this Monday!

    You can still register for Bobbi’s Adventure’s Social Group on August 23 at 4:00 pm here.

    We are extremely grateful to the facilitators who continued with us over the summer, volunteering their time and energy. Our goal is to return in the fall with no fee for our attendees, and while we are seeking grant funding there are also some things you can do:

    1. If you know of an organization who may be interested in sponsoring these events please reach out to them and share. You never know who may be interested in supporting! 
    2. If you are able to donate, a little can go a long way.

    All funds will help us cover specialized facilitators, pop-up author readings, ASL Interpretation, and more! To learn more please visit our events page here.

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