We are raising $10,000.00 for our Social Group events and we are currently at $387.94

BCEdAccess hosts a free Social Group series and pop-up events for elementary to secondary students with disabilities or extra support needs. These events aim to provide opportunities to get together and have fun online. Our hope in running these groups was to provide something that fosters connection and positive mental wellness for children and youth, as well as their families.

As a parent I loved to see that my son was having fun in an inclusive and fun environment and as family we enjoy the little break.

about Patricia’s
Minecraft Social Group

He was so happy to get to meet new people who had a similar interest. He felt welcomed and felt like he belonged.

about Akeala’s Animal
Crossing Social Group

She felt very welcome and affirmed and she has gone back to every one of them which says a lot, for her.

about Sydney and Kirra’s
LGBTQ+ Social Group

We are currently accepting donations to help us fund the Social Group Series so that they can in the fall with no fee for our attendants. Helping us cover specialized facilitators, pop-up author readings, ASL Interpretation, and more!

If you are interested in supporting this event, please click the link below and please be sure to select Social Groups as the donation program on the form.

BCEdAccess is proud to be a registered charity 723648317RR0001. Charitable tax receipts will be automatically issued to the name and email you provide in the link below.