This amazing discussion will be led by Andréa Coutu, who will be joined by entrepreneurs and leaders to discuss gender roles and systemic oppression. We hope you will be able to come learn and participate at AdvoCon2020, our 6th education advocacy conference held September 17th to 23rd online, with recordings available after to ticket holders.

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Andréa Coutu, MBA, is the CEO of Trustmode Marketing, an entrepreneurship coaching and consulting company that works with small businesses, incubators and accelerators and non-profits to build businesses. She is also the founder of Consultant Journal, a leading resource for independent consultants, and she is the author of Consulting Fees: A Guide for Independent Consultants. Andréa has taught for SFU, UBC and other universities, been interviewed by national and local media, and written for outlets ranging from local magazines to USA Today. Andréa works from a trauma-informed model and leans into both her professional and lived experience. She is the mother of two teen boys and has navigated education, health care, social services and other systems, while somehow making a lot of friends.

Work & Economic Justice for Parents/Guardians

You will learn:

How underfunding of education, childcare and other systems affects work/career

How oppression and expectations around gender roles and other identities affects work careers

Hope, suggestions, and ideas for turning this around

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Twitter @andrea_coutu

Instagram: @Andreacoutumba

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