We’re grateful to have the British Columbia Confederation of Parent Advisory Council (BCCPAC)’s John Gaiptman join us this year for the 4th time! Participants will come away from his presentation understanding how to use their district’s appeal process, how to appeal to the Superintendent of Appeals and how to advocate effectively. 

“Join me to learn how the School Act provides parents/guardians with the right to appeal any decision they feel significantly affects the education, health or safety of the student. Parents and guardians are their child’s natural advocate, making sure their child’s rights, needs and opinions are respected. Advocacy is about working to achieve a successful solution for the benefit of the child. This workshop will provide you with knowledge and tools to successfully handle situations that negatively impact your child’s education and to navigate the school district Appeals Process and submissions to the Superintendent of Appeals.”

John Gaiptman, BCCPAC

Earlybird tickets on sale till September 1 – get them now!

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John has been involved with public education for over 35 years. He spent 14 years as a Superintendent of Schools; twelve of which were with the Greater Victoria School District and two with the New Westminster School District. John is married with two daughters and three grandchildren.  It is his hope, through his vast experience in public education, that he can continue to support and empower parents for the success of each learner.

Section 11 and the Appeals Process

Monday September 21 10:30-11:45

Learn more about John and the work of BCCPAC:


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