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IEPs – What You Need To Know – #AdvoCon2020

Suzanne Perreault has delivered this popular presentation at every one of our conferences so far. Her IEP presentation is a can’t-miss opportunity whethe with much needed information! We hope you will be able to make it to see her speak at AdvoCon2020, our 6th education advocacy conference held virtually this year, September 17th to 23rd online!

Tickets on sale August 1 – follow us on Facebook for more!

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Suzanne is a mother of 3 and a Langley School District Trustee.  She is also the former Administrator of a Private Vocational School, and has worked as an SEA and a TEDx Talk speaker. She currently works as a Youth & Woman’s Counsellor in Langley, British Columbia, is a public speaker and the recent President of the Langley DPAC for 3 consecutive years. She has been attending to various committee’s such as SD35’s Inclusive Education working committee, Emergency Preparedness and has been nominated for both the Fraser Valley Diversity Award & BC  Excellence in Autism Awards. She has successfully worked alongside educators & parents creating positive changes in school climate as well as parent engagement based on focusing on the communication process as it interfaces with the journey having a child with needs. She has advised and worked on committees with the BCCPAC, the BCEdAcess Task Force and other agencies to help promote educational change in areas of Inclusion, wellness, leadership, motivation and parent engagement. Her primary focus is the success of the student by virtue of bridging educators and parents.

Workshop: IEPS – What You Need To Know

You will learn:

-The IEP Planning Cycle

-The importance of language

-Advocacy and IEPs

Suzanne is on Twitter @DecisionTree007

Read all the details about our conference here, more information is being added every day!

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  1. […] Review your child’s IEP document. When was the last time it was updated? Was it a useful document with SMART goals? Or does it follow the new competency-based IEP format? In which case, were you and your child active participants in it’s development? Were goals achieved and revisited through the year? If the answers are more in the ‘no’ column, it may be useful to make some notes of some goals you think would be reasonable for your child to achieve, and bring them in to discuss with the principal before school starts. The teacher needs to have these tools in hand to give your child the best start to the school year. Workshop: IEPS – What You Need To Know […]

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