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#AdvoCon2019 Workshop: Meaningful Inclusion of Student Voice: A Teacher’s Learning

    Annie spoke last year at our first Struck By Inclusion event, rounding out the evening in meaningful fashion.  We hope you will be able to make it to see her speak at Advocacy: Equitable Access to Education, our 4th annual conference held March 29th and 30th at the Civic Hotel in Surrey, BC.

    Tickets available here:

    Equitable Access to Education Conference

    Annie Ohana is a recipient of the Prime Minister’s Excellence in Teaching Award and the founder of a Social Justice service oriented youth leadership program called MustangJustice. She has a Masters in Equity Studies and a background in Criminology and Political Science. She is a proud teacher and Indigenous Department Head ( and Aboriginal Teacher Advocate) at LA Matheson Secondary School in Surrey BC and is a social studies curriculum specialist teaching mainly social sciences to include law, social justice, genocide studies and social studies. Annie practices what she preaches in the streets and does work as a community organizer, activist,and advocate. She believes Social Justice is not a topic or a class but a lens that can be operationalized in everything we do.

    Workshop: Meaningful Inclusion of Student Voice: A Teacher’s Learning

    You will learn:

    -Ways for parents advocate for their children to teachers.

    -Encouragement to teachers to build spaces for all learners

    -A celebration of student voice

    -Dismantling ableist thinking and practices in the classroom/school

    Sharing of a video by a former student with “special needs”, interactive discussions of ableist structures in schools, finding solutions and actions together

    Annie is on Twitter @ohana_annie

    Read all the details about our conference here:

    #AdvoCon2019 FAQs

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