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#AdvoCon2019 Workshop: Navigating and Mediating Settler Colonial Intersectional Discrimination as a Parent of a Child in Public Education

    After seeing waaseyaa’sin Christine Sy speak on this topic last year, we knew that more people needed to hear her share her knowledge and experience.  We hope you will be able to make it to see her speak at Advocacy: Equitable Access to Education, our 4th annual conference held March 29th and 30th at the Civic Hotel in Surrey, BC.

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    Equitable Access to Education Conference

    waaseyaa’sin Christine Sy is makwa doodem (bear clan) from Anishinaabe territory (Great Lakes region). She is an Assistant Professor in Gender Studies at University of Victoria teaching at the intersections of indigeneity, gender, and (de)colonization. Her research signifies Indigenous womxn’s relationship with the natural world within a global, settler colonial context doing so as a cultural memory, economic sovereignty project, and resurgence project.

    Workshop: Navigating and Mediating Settler Colonial Intersectional Discrimination as a Parent of a Child in Public Education

    Her talk is built upon her experiences navigating and mediating settler colonial intersectional discrimination as a parent of a child in public education in Ontario, Michigan, and B.C.. This presentation begins with disrupting the naturalization of the Canadian education, reframing it as a colonial project through which employees, children, and parents are institutionalized towards education that reproduces hierarchies of relationships and knowledge dissemination that maintains these hierarchies upon which colonial society and it’s contemporary formations are regenerated. Lived experiences that her child has experienced and navigated and which form the impetus of this analysis are shared with her permission. Linkages to the lived experiences that others experience within this reality will be made and opportunities to build strategies of transformation will be generated in open discussion.

    You can learn more about waaseyaa’sin Christine Sy’s work here:


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