We are privileged to share this poem that was written by the son of one of our group members. It is an important reminder that we need to be curious, to see our kids for who they really are. Thank you so much for sharing your message, Brody.

Author: Brody Butts


I am not perfect
Some of my pages are torn
Some are soiled with ink
Some pages are worn and creased
Some are crisp and clean.

I am solitary
Some of my pages hold my secrets and thoughts
Others are meant to be read out loud
Hundred of pages and thousands of words
All contained in 1 book.

I am intelligent
Some sentences make sense right away
Others you need to read twice
And others you need to read between the lines
But to me, those are my favorite.

I am unique
My pages and chapters are written by me
My experiences are my own
I am my own editor, you can not change me
My ink is permanent and my spine is straight.

I am creative
My illustrations are different then you may think they should be
That’s because I see things differently.
I create from what I experience and see
And mold it into something I understand.

I am misjudged
I am judged by my cover not by my pages
I have a hard blank cover, not telling what’s inside
My pages are soft to the touch and full of wonder
If you take time to read me, you will see.

2 thoughts on “Unread Pages”

  1. Hello, There will be a Human Library day at Moscrop high school in Burnaby on May 21. I could ask the organizers if they would be interested in a student sharing his poem/story. I have been invited to be a ‘book’ as a mom of one of the students there who has special needs and person working in family support, though I think it would be even more powerful to have a student there! If interested, please ask Brody to contact me, mnelson@posAbilities.ca or call (604) 299-4001 local 270. Sincerely, m

  2. thank you Brody for sharing grace and insight, and courageously inviting the ever hardening world to experience one of those bygone vulnerable feelings; CURIOSITY!

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