disability justice

Media release – Canadian government set to pass (has passed) Bill that attacks rights of disabled people on the anniversary of Canadian government ratifying UN Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities

    “There is never a good day to pass a bill this dangerous to disabled people, but doing so today is cruel. We have been fighting this bill non-stop for months. And now, instead of a chance to catch our breath and remember a document that says our lives and rights are important and should be supported and respected, the Canadian government is determined to communicate they aren’t and won’t be.”

    Exclusion Tracker Update

      Within the last year, BC parents paid for many services that should be provided in school or by Health or MCFD to be truly equitable, including tutoring, occupational therapy, psychoeducational assessments, and more.

      BC Election Wish List – 7 key asks from BCEdAccess

        Across all major parties there is very little reference to disabled children, youth and adults in their election platforms. We have a wish list that we hope will be enacted by the new government and we hope you will ask your local candidates about some of these things!