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If you are a parent or guardian in British Columbia looking for support, knowledge and information regarding special education in our Province, please email bcedaccess@gmail.com and request an invitation to our online support group.

Read more about our survey on public education for children who have extra learning support needs here

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  1. BCCPAC is having a conference and AGM.. wondering if there is anyone from your group presenting any motions for changes and support by those within the system and what they might be to ensure full discussion and support. BCCPAC takes its direction from the resolutions passed at their AGM. I personally cannot go. I believe on the floor resolutions are not encouraged but do happen?

  2. Hi Rebecca, I believe there were a few people from the group attending. There were a few motions relevant to our group as well. I’ll see if I can get someone from BCCPAC and our group to give me an update I can post, thanks for the question!

  3. Hi everyone. A reporter is interested in our story. His details are:
    NICK EAGLAND from the Vancouver Sun and The Province
    T: 604.605.2237
    C: 604.551.8579
    We are a family that has unfortunately been excluded from the public school system due to no or little support. This led our son to become traumatized and aggressive. He was suspended under section 91 because of it. His aggression was aggravated due to triggers and staff that were not skilled in working with ASD children. He is now at home and we are part of a DL. We tried getting him into private schools but also nonluck. Anyways a reporter contacted us and asked if we would want to share our story. We said that we were only prepared to share if more people come forward… So if there are more people that have similar stories, you can call the reporter.

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