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International Human Rights Day 2021

    It’s International Human Rights Day today. Usually we try to have some kind of learning event on this date because our organization is focused on the human right to equitable access to education.

    However, we just finished our 8 Days Of Action For Access and our volunteer team is pretty spent 🙂

    So instead, we’re sharing the highlights from these days of action, but first, some information about human rights from the United Nations:

    Human Rights Day

    Know your rights and help spread the word:

    Learn about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #4, to Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all:


    The 8 Days of Action for Access was an incredible grassroots effort, supported by many organizations:

    BC People First, BC Complex Kids Society, ACT Autism Community Training, Autism BC, Down Syndrome BC, GIRLS CLUB, Family Support Institute, Inclusion BC, BC Teacher’s Federation and Dyslexia BC

    Here are just a couple of photos from the Day 8 rally, we’ll add more as we get permission:

    photo of a white woman with long straight red hair in a long black coat speaking at a microphone. She is standing on the bottom step of a wide set of concrete stairs with columns behind her (the Vancouver Art Gallery) and a lion on a pedestal. huge banners behind her say IMAGINE DISABILITY RIGHTS. A person with a camera is just behind her off to the side, filming.
    Tracy Humphreys speaking at the Vancouver Art Gallery on December 3, 2021
    A white woman and an East Asian woman in masks stand next to each other, the white woman holds a sign that says HAVING A CHILD WITH A DISABILITY SHOULDN'T BE A TICKET TO POVERTY!
    Dec 3 rally attendee holding up a sign.

    And here’s the video of that rally.

    BCEdAccess Day 8 Rally for Disability Rights

    We’ll be uploading all of the Days of Action videos to our YouTube channel within the next few weeks! It helps if you like and subscribe!

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