Marta Carlucci is an Inclusion Liaison with the Scaling Impact of  Inclusive Post-Secondary Education (STEPS) and she will present on scaling the impact of post-secondary education. We hope you will be able to make it to see her speak at AdvoCon2021, our 7th annual education advocacy conference held September 22nd to 26th online!

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Marta Carlucci is the Inclusion Liaison, for the Scaling the impact of the Inclusive Post-Secondary Education Project. funded by The Vancouver Foundation and initiated by STEPS Forward: BC Initiative for Inclusive Post-Secondary Education (BC-IPSE)   

A vision of empowering both families and stakeholders to support equitable, inclusive and authentic lives for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities is what drives her work. Marta brings over 15 years of experience supporting families who have a son or daughter with a disability and their supporters to further break down barriers to lifelong inclusion and create a positive shift in the lives of people with disabilities.  

Her previous experience includes Program Advisor at the Advocate for Service Quality, and Volunteer and Community Engagement Coordinator at The Family Support Institute.  Marta holds a degree in Community Rehabilitation and Disability Studies from the University of Calgary and is a trained Rehabilitation Assistant.   

Marta is committed to supporting her daughter’s lifelong vision of an authentic and inclusive life.  She knows this vision cannot be accomplished alone and requires the support and collaboration of families, professionals and community members.  Her mantra, “It’s not going to be easy, but it’s worth it” is what keeps her forging ahead. 

Presentation: Scaling the Impact of Inclusive Post-secondary Education

  1. The commitments that guide Inclusive Post-secondary Education 
  2. The value of systems mapping 
  3. How to influence systems by combining a top down and grassroots approach 
  4. How can planning for post-secondary education in the school years support an inclusive life. 
  5. How important language is in empowering students to dream big and plan for their future. 
  6. Who plays key roles in supporting high school students to plan for their future? 

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