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#AdvoCon2020 Workshop: Person Centred Planning: why it matters

    This is the second time imagineacircle has presented at our conference and we look forward to this engaging workshop! We hope you will be able to make it to see them present at AdvoCon2020, our 6th education advocacy conference held September 17th to 23rd online, with recordings available after to ticket holders.

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    Dr. Aaron Johannes has studied extensively in community development, equity, education and Critical Disability Studies. He was a Director of Spectrum Society for 30 years, has children with various labels, and teaches at Douglas College and the Justice Institute. He is a proud volunteer of the B.C. Family Support Institute.

    Rhona Segarra is passionate about people. Her mission is to add to the joy and peace in the world through strengthened relationships with ourselves and others. She holds degrees in Economics and a M. Div. and is an ordained Unity minister. Rhona is blessed with a wonderful family: a loving husband Walt, brilliant son David, and amazing parents, brothers and sisters.

    Liz Etmanski is a poet, performer, actress, artist, graphic recorder and self advocate leader. She is a popular and requested co-facilitator for our work with schools, organizations and groups.

    Workshop: Person Centred Planning: why it matters

    You will learn:

    Participants will get a sense of what person centred planning is; they will understand there are many ways to do it; they will get some resources they can use right away

    Participants will ideally have sheets of white paper and black markers handy to participate.

    We have been thinking about and engaged in planning for people, families and organizations for 30 years, in various ways. We will explain how planning works for people and how we can use these methods for groups. Participants will be engaged in thinking about their own plans, or those they help their younger or adult children make, with an eye on a future goal of self-determination and citizenship. Please have some white paper and a black marker so we can see what you’re thinking!

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