This is Symbia’s second time presenting at our conference, and we’re so pleased she is returning to share her wonderful workshop. We hope you will be able to make it to see her speak at AdvoCon2020, our 6th education advocacy conference held September 17th to 23rd online, with recordings available after to ticket holders.

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Symbia Barnaby is an Indigenous person of Mi’kmaq and Haida decent who lives in Northern British Columbia. She is a solo parent to 6 children (5 of which have exceptionalities). She is a Practical nurse, a Birth/Postpartum Doula, a Community Inclusuion Advocate, a Film Maker, a Story Teller and a Wisdom Translator.

Workshop: Our Journey of Love, Human Rights and Reconciliation

This session will start with a presentation and will have some spots for discussion/self reflection of topics related to the presentation. Please be aware that there will be sensitive information being discussed and shared.

You will learn:

-The history of Residential school and what the “residential school legacy” is and how it impacts Indigenous learners and their families

-Barriers to accessing/securing support services for Indigenous learners and their families

-Inclusion/disability through an Indigenous lenses -Cultural Competency and its role in creating an Inclusive learning environment

Symbia is on Instagram @SymbiaBarnaby

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