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#AdvoCon2020 Workshop: The Communication in Behaviour, by Mandi Sharkey

This is Mandi’s third time presenting at our conference, and she’s back by popular demand! We hope you will be able to make it to see her speak at AdvoCon2020, our 6th education advocacy conference held September 17th to 23rd online, with recordings available after to ticket holders.

Tickets available here:

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Mandi Sharkey, Neurodiversity Consultant at E.P.I.C. Consulting Collaborative, is an advocate, certified trainer and educator committed to helping care teams and families in the community access the tools for more success with less stress. Her presentations cover Inclusion, Natural Play Therapy, Low Arousal Approach and Collaborative-Proactive-style communication.

Workshop: The Communication in Behaviour

You will learn:

-About the Low Arousal Approach

-Collaborative and Proactive approaches to learning more about behaviours

Understanding that behaviour is communication can be key to understanding difficulties or distressed behaviours that appear in your environment. Learning different things behaviour can communicate can be complicated, but learning to look for it, ask about it and collaborate proactively to solve it is key.

Mandi is on Twitter @SharkeySupport

Learn more about Mandi’s work at


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