We are very pleased to have Patricia Kovacs bringing the discussion about this resource to our conference after consultations with the BC Inclusive Education Partner Group. We hope you will be able to make it to see her speak at Connecting to Strengthen Advocacy in Education, our 5th education advocacy conference held October 18th and 19th at the Civic Hotel in Surrey, BC.

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Connecting to Strengthen Advocacy In Education Conference

Patricia is the Director of the Inclusive Education Branch in the BC Ministry of Education.

Whole Room Workshop: Inclusive Education Parent Resource Consultation

• General overview of the work of the Inclusive Education Branch at the Ministry of Education.

• Overview of the K-12 Education Funding Model Review and the Inclusive Education Working Group.

• Consultation about the Inclusive Education Parent Resource and overview of next steps.

This will be a presentation and an opportunity to collect feedback from conference participants on the development of an Inclusive Education Parent Resource. Participants will discuss a draft outline of the Parent Resource to ensure that the document is developed to meet the needs of parents and caregivers.

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