Jenn and Nicole are the authors of the exclusion tracker. We’re excited to have them share and discuss the results this fall! We hope you will be able to make it to see them speak at Connecting to Strengthen Advocacy in Education, our 5th education advocacy conference held October 18th and 19th at the Civic Hotel in Surrey, BC.

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Connecting to Strengthen Advocacy In Education Conference

Jennifer Newby is the mother of 2 exceptional little men. Like you, she’s a parent who has had to learn things the hard way – and firmly believes in building a good public education system that supports ALL children.

Nicole has 3 school aged children in the Surrey School District. After her eldest child’s Autism diagnosis, she dedicated herself to becoming a career parent committed to the caregiving and advocacy required to support her daughter. Nicole is currently focused on the volunteerism and community activism that can leverage the experience and knowledge that she has acquired in the process of securing her daughter’s right to an education. Her efforts have included advocacy at the school level, various political levels, and ultimately within the Human Rights Tribunal process.

Nicole works on the board of directors of the BCEdAccess Society to use her experiences to empower parents and challenge our education system so that all children have an equitable opportunity and a safe and healthy experience in BC public schools.

Workshop: Exclusions in School – How it Happens and What We Can Do

You will learn:

1) Exclusion happens everywhere – what does it look like?

2) Discover your child’s rights

3) Building your community – standing up for each other

Join us to review the 2019-20 exclusion tracker final report. We will discuss the types of exclusion that happen, and inform you of your legal protections to prevent further incidents. Finally, we will encourage you to build your community up.

Nicole is on Twitter @NicoleKaler1

Jenn is on Twitter @JcbNewby

Learn more about the exclusion tracker at

Read all the details about our conference here:

#AdvoCon2019 FAQs


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