BCEdAccess is mostly volunteer-run and we’re always seeking volunteers to support our programs and activities. If there are no specific postings listed, you can still reach out to us at tracy@bcedaccess.com to express interest!

AdvoCon 2022 Volunteer recruitment surveys

AdvoCon 2022 – Street Team

Put posters up in your neighbourhood, at libraries, schools, anywhere you think would be effective!

AdvoCon 2022 – Social Media

Share on social media on a regular schedule on your own profiles, and/or help create and post social media through our profiles

AdvoCon 2022 – Active Listener

Help moderate the chat during sessions and actively engage with empathy with the attendees

AdvoCon 2022 – Workshop Facilitator

Support a panel presentation or workshop

AdvoCon 2022 – Zoom Host

Support the technical side of Zoom – let people into the meeting, ensure ASL interpeters and CART translation is working, and more – training provided

AdvoCon 2022 – Breakout Room Facilitators

Help during breakout sessions

Advocon 2022 – Speaker Coordinator

Help schedule speakers for the event, create panels, answer questions, ensure they can get logged in, etc