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    Blurred image of a drawing with students in a classroom waving, overlaid with the BCEdAccess logo and the text, "Reading 'Adventures of a Stuttering Superhero' with Kim Block."

    Reading with Kim Block – July 24

      These empowering stories, written by author Kim Block, talk about stuttering in a matter of fact tone with the goal of fostering empathy and acceptance for children who stutter. With art that intentionally reflects all different examples of diverse abilities, nationality and cultural practices.

      Grey background with cover image from the novel "One Too Many" displaying a boy holding a box over his head in the rain, overlaid with the text, "Reading of One Too Many with Linda Grace Smith."

      Reading with Linda Grace Smith – June 16

        With child friendly language and rhyming verse, Linda Grace Smith explores the value and power of one. To begin, One Too Many introduces children’s rights. It touches on the basics of shelter, clothing, healthcare, food, water, education, safety and belonging. Then, it sparks conversations towards practical action and community transformation.