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Maura’s Expressive Art Social Groups

These sessions, hosted by Maura, will allow participants to express themselves and process thoughts and feelings through art. No artistic skill required! Sign up for an event with Maura here.

Sessions for all ages (5-19) are held on Wednesdays at 4:00 p.m.

About the Facilitator

Maura Majano is a mom with two teens diagnosed with ADHD and ASD, and a certified teacher with over twenty years of experience. She operates Social Skills South Surrey, and is dedicated to developing students’ friendships, conversation skills and coping skills.

Prepare for Sessions

Wednesday, March 3Sensory ArtMaterials: heavy paper, several bowls, food dye, white glue, shaving cream, brushes, ziplock bags, wax paper
Wednesday, March 10PrintmakingMaterials: paper, paint, textured objects like bubble wrap, styrofoam meat containers
Wednesday, March 17Yarn ArtMaterials: string or yarn, glue, scissors, toilet paper roll, popsicle sticks, tape
Wednesday, March 24Fantastic FlowersMaterials: coloured paper, tissue paper, pipe cleaners or floral wire, scissors, glue, printed tape (floral)
Wednesday, March 31Eggcellent EggsMaterials: plastic eggs, paint, googly eyes, small bits of felt, paper, black glue (paint added), pens, paints and doilies

Please note that this is just a recommended materials list, the great part about art is how nearly anything can be used to create wonderful effects! Please bring whatever materials you have on hand. If you are unable to bring a specific material listed here please prepare an alternative option, or reach out to us at info@bcedaccess.com for a recommendation.

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