Parents of disabled students in BC worry about September 2021

    Especially for families of children with medical needs, which often accompany disabilities of every kind, or who are immunocompromised or have family members who are. The reality that their children/youth are yet again being set aside without any indication of what the Ministry of Education will do to provide equitable access to education for another school year is unacceptable.

    Blurred image of a school whiteboard overlaid with the BCEdAccess logo and text that reads, "Survey Report: Considering Leaving the System"

    Considering Leaving the System

    The circumstances of the ongoing COVID-19 health crisis exacerbated many existing concerns for in-person public school and other forms of schooling. Hear from 453 respondents about their experience in our new report, Considering Leaving the System.

    Exclusion Tracker Update

      Within the last year, BC parents paid for many services that should be provided in school or by Health or MCFD to be truly equitable, including tutoring, occupational therapy, psychoeducational assessments, and more.

      BCEdAccess’ Exclusion Incident Report Form

      Exclusion of students with special needs and/or disabilities is a notable problem in BC K-12 schools. *Exclusion is, under the School Act, actually a suspension and the rules that govern this should be laid out in School Board policy in for each District.

      Pie chart of responses to question 22 on survey. Shows 5 options in different coloured and sized wedges representing responses.

      Report on COVID-19 BC Family Survey

        BC Parents of Complex Kids, @FSIBC @InclusionBC and BCEdAccess collaborated to conduct a survey from April 23rd to 25th. 1055 parents/guardians of children with disabilities responded. Here’s what we found out. #cysnsurvey #Covid19