Back to School – 8 things you can do to prepare your child with special needs

    Find out when that first day is – will your child be attending on the first day of school? Often schools will ‘suggest’ that your child may be more comfortable attending a few days or even a few weeks later instead, and sometimes you won’t find this out until very close to the date. And some families choose a later transition because they know that this is what will work best for their child.

    Territorial Acknowledgement

      BCEdAccess would like to acknowledge that our members and volunteers live and work all over our province, on hundreds of unceded Indigenous territories.

      Thoughts on the Funding Model Review

        It is our hope that redistributing the same amount of money is not the ultimate goal, but instead revising the funding model is merely a step along the path to a truly inclusive and modern K-12 public education system.

        Inclusive language and special needs

          Let’s talk. Are you a student who is designated as special needs in the public school system? What do you think about this terminology? Are you a parent, and educator, a trustee, a Ministry of Education staffer? Have you already been working hard on trying to shift the language around this term?