#AdvoCon2023 – FAQs and Tickets

If you’re interested in volunteering, sponsoring or coming to AdvoCon2023, stay tuned, we should have a site up by March and updates to this FAQ! Dates will be October 19th to 23rd, online with possibly some in person/hybrid sessions around the province! Follow the hashtag #AdvoCon2023 for updates, sign up for our newsletter, search for us on the Whova app, and email us info@bcedaccess.com to help support the event!


We are working this year to create another accessible virtual event to keep the conversations on equitable access to education going while keeping people safe and healthy during the pandemic. Whether this will be your first time attending or you’ve come to every conference since 2014, we hope you walk away inspired, energized, connected, and ready to take your influence to the next level.

If you’re looking to get tickets, to prepare for and learn about the event, or to decide if this conference is for you, this is the page to read!


Who Sponsors the BCEdAccess Conference?

Without our sponsors, we could not put on such a great event. We thank:


Your generous support is much appreciated!

Exhibitors virtually? How does that work?

Can Our Organization Still Become a Sponsor or Exhibitor?

Yes, you can still sign up to be a sponsor! We need all of the support we can get to provide this great event. Please email us at conferencec@bcedaccess.com for a copy of the Exhibitor and Sponsor Form.

We also have virtual exhibitor space available! For only $150 you can have a virtual booth to showcase your organization, goods or services. There’s an exhibitor passport contest where if folks visit the booths they can win a prize. Speak to attendees, collect contact information and interact with them all via the Whova app. We have a very limited number of ‘tables’ which can be booked separately or as a part of a sponsorship package, so if you want a table, please apply soon!


Is The Conference Accessible?

The conference is being virtually again this year.

We will have the following accessibility features:

American Sign Language interpretation (ASL)

CART – Real Time Live Captioning



Active listeners

Image descriptions

All gender washrooms available in your home

Sessions available after they have ‘aired’ to ticket holders who may not have been able to make it ‘live’

If you have any individual needs that you do not see addressed here, please let us know asap so that we can provide appropriate accommodations.

Can I Volunteer?

Yes! We need all kinds of volunteers from planning support to technical help for Zoom to promoters and cheerleaders who will share this event on social media and in person. Fill out the volunteer form here:

Volunteer Form

What is an Education Advocacy Conference?

Parents/guardians are their child’s best advocate, until their child is ready to be their own advocate – and we can teach them the skills they need to get there! Our conference provides practical tools and information for families and those who work with children with disabilities and complex learners that they can take away and put to use!

This year will be a 4 day event! There will be 6-8 sessions each day, over 4 concurrent time slots. You can choose any session to attend, they’ll all be available to you after to watch in your own time.

See our agenda for details on the many amazing sessions!


The conference is generally attended by parents and guardians of students with disabilities and complex learners, self-advocates, professionals working with this population of students, and allies.

We invite you to take part in the quality programming and make connections this year!

When Does the Conference Take Place and Where?

Where? In your living room, kitchen, bedroom – on your computer, laptop or phone! We’re using the Whova app this year and it’s great for interactions before the event and between sessions!


Thursday, October 20th to Sunday, October 23rd, 2022

Morning , afternoon and evening sessions

And you can also participate from home in your jammies πŸ™‚

Where Can I View the Speakers and Workshops?

Right here! All of the information is available on the conference website:

Also look for our social media posts on the speakers and workshops!

Workshops – do I get to Take Them All?


Many are concurrent and you’ll have to choose.

You can watch after though, if you have a ticket!

You can request a certificate of completion and many use these hours for professional development credits. I am having as much trouble as you will in deciding which ones to attend so I apologize in advance because they are all great!

What About Accommodations? Is there a Group Rate?

Guess what? Accommodations are free this year, enjoy staying in your own bed and enjoying your own food πŸ™‚

What is Included in My Conference Ticket Price?

Your ticket for the full #AdvoCon2022 experience includes your registration for 4 days of speakers and workshops.

The first 100 ticket purchasers will also receive a conference swag bag mailed to their home!

There are 2 ticketing options

Single day


Full conference

Get your tickets early as we expect them to move quickly this year!

Tickets Here

Who Comes to our Conferences?

This conference unites 150+ parents, guardians, self-advocates, education professionals and other allies of students with disabilities and complex learners from around BC, convening for a yearly conference of learning, networking, advocacy and human rights training, and more.

What If I Am Not a Parent?

AdvoCon2022 is designed for parents and guardians of students with disabilities, and also includes content that will be relevant to attendees who are education professionals, self-advocates (some of whom are parents/guardians as well) and allies, and we encourage you to come if you want to learn more from and about these students and their needs and experiences. Presenters give a lot of practical information, and this year we will be providing a certificate for each workshop to attendees so that it may be used for Continuing Professional Development credits, reimbursement, etc.

We believe that there is so much common ground, and we can work together to achieve true systemic change – government, teachers, EAs, parents/guardians, students, etc.

Is the Conference the Same as Previous Years?

No two conference years are ever the same. This is the eighth year of our event, and we have some returning speakers presenting different material, as well as a whole range of new workshops and presenters. We have continued with having a second day as we have so much material our members would like us to cover! As our membership has interest in a wide range of topics, we attempt to find a good variety while still giving the information our members need. Connecting is powerful, and our attendees and sponsors and exhibitors value the interaction provided even through our online events in order to form and continue relationships.

It’s too much money for me.

To be frank, it can be difficult to find sponsors because we are not yet a charity so we can’t provide a tax receipt. We’re working on that but it takes time – about a year, I’m told. We’re really appreciative of our current sponsors who are able to support us without receiving that receipt, it means a lot.

Still, it costs more than we are able to raise to pay the conference expenses. Ticket prices are strictly a reflection of those costs. We’re an entirely volunteer run organization at this point.

All of that said, we realize that the price makes the conference, ironically, inaccessible to many.

Here are a few options to help with costs:

  1. The Autism Funding Unit (AFU) has approved our conference as a reimbursable expense in past years so if you have that funding it’s a good option.
  2. We recommend asking a local organization to sponsor your attendance. Your PAC or DPAC may sponsor you, or another organization you’re involved with.
  3. Volunteer at the conference! You get a free ticket for the day you’re volunteering and you’ll have plenty of time to participate – we don’t expect you to work all day πŸ™‚ Reach out to let us know you’re interested!
  4. If none of these options work we can help! Email me at tracy@bcedaccess.com – we never want anyone to be unable to attend due to financial concerns, and we value contributions at sessions from people who might not otherwise get to speak up in these spaces.

How can I get more involved in your organization and support your work?

You can support us financially – go HERE to donate today! You can contribute one time or monthly to support our organization.

We’re always looking for volunteers so please feel free to get in touch! Short term or long term, volunteers make our organization the success it has become!

Is There a Facebook Group?

It all started with a Facebook Group!

“Like” our Public Facebook page, BCEdAccess Society Public Page – Action for Access to Education, and search for ‘BCEdAccess’ to find and request to join the Private Facebook group for parents and guardians of children with disabilities and complex learners in BC. – remember to answer all of the questions to be added.

Who runs the Conference, and the Society? 

The Society is currently run by our board of directors – learn more about them HERE

The Conference is run by a small and dedicated team of volunteer organizers:

Tracy Humphreys

Chantelle Morvay

Heidi Vinois

Bobbi Taylor

We always have a number of other volunteers who help get things going during the planning stages, and run things on the day, who we will acknowledge as that list gets built!

We work together to bring you the best event we can create.

Who Can Help Me With More Questions?

Contact us at tracy@bcedaccess.com – we’ll be glad to answer any questions you may have!

Will we see you Online?

As a non-profit organization led by volunteers, we look to our community to support our annual advocacy conference. AdvoCon is a great opportunity to reach our audience and let them know that you share their values. We welcome financial and in-kind contributions from like-minded and supportive organizations, as well as online exhibitors during the event.



Exhibitor cost – $150

Sponsorship – Starts at as little as $100

I was super grateful and humbled by all of the speakers, presenters and amazing people whom I got a chance to finally meet it was a really perspective changing experience for me.

AdvoCon2020 attendee

This year we have new options for promoting our Feature and Program Sponsors. Exhibitors also have great opportunities to connect with attendees online in the Whova app. Take a moment to look at our Sponsorship Package and Exhibitor Package, and learn more about the benefits of each opportunity, or reach out to us at development@bcedaccess.com to ask questions and discuss your options.

BCEdAccess is proud to be a registered charity 723648317RR0001. Charitable tax receipts will be issued to the name and email provided in the sponsorship agreement or at the donation link.

If you’re not a part of an organization but would like to support AdvoCon or be an Exhibitor, we are always thrilled to accept donations from individuals and we’ll consider you as an Exhibitor too if your exhibit aligns with our values and work. If you are interested in directly supporting this event, please visit our donation link here and please be sure to select AdvoCon as the program on the form.