AdvoCon2020 Login Issues – FAQ

How do I access the virtual conference?

You will need to purchase a ticket to access the event and will receive an email confirmation with details on how to register and a link to the registration page. On the registration page you will be asked to enter the email that you used to purchase your ticket, verify your account and set up a password. You can verify with email or SMS if you input a phone number during purchase. A verification code will be sent to you (please wait up to 15 minutes for this to arrive and check your junk folder before trying again). Enter the code to verify your credentials.

Once you’ve logged into the registration page, you’ll be put in a ‘waiting room’ while you wait for the broadcast to go live. Once the event starts, you will automatically be able to view the stream. 

What time do I log into the virtual conference?

We recommend logging in with time to spare before the start of each session. This will ensure you don’t miss the beginning and can troubleshoot any issues with the registration process.

How do I redeem multiple tickets that I bought under one email?

If you bought multiple tickets with one email, log in using the same steps (see “How do I access the virtual conference?”). Once you’re logged in and on the Waiting Page, you will see shareable links for your additional tickets at the bottom of the page. Copy these and send these to anyone you want to invite. They are one time use only. Please note: you will only have access to these share links between sessions, not while a session is in progress.

I bought a ticket today and I am getting ‘access denied’. What do I do?

It can take some time for your purchase to register with the system. Email if it’s a couple of hours before the start time and we’ll push your registration through faster.