We’re excited to have the opportunity to share findings from the partnership study on inclusive education in BC and to seek feedback from attendees. This session is presented by Dr. Jennifer Baumbusch and Tracy Humphreys, executive director of BCEdAccess. at AdvoCon2022, our 8th annual education advocacy conference held October 20th to 23rd online!

Tickets available now – Facebook group members receive a good discounted rate and the first 100 purchased receive a care package delivered to their house!


Jennifer is a Professor at the UBC School of Nursing. She is also mom to a 19-year-old disabled and medically complex woman who completed 14 years in the public education system. Jennifer started the SPICE (Supporting Progressive Inclusive Child-centred Education) Research Unit because of her experiences parenting a disabled student. The research conducted in the SPICE lab mainly uses population-based data to examine learning outcomes of students with disabilities and learning exceptionalities. Jennifer also leads research about the impact of the pandemic on inclusive education in British Columbia. For more information about the SPICE Research Unit, please go to spice.nursing.ubc.ca

Community Conversation around Joint UBC/BCEdAccess Research Project

Project: Addressing Community-Identified Needs in Inclusive Education for Students with Disabilities and Complex Learning Needs During and Following the COVID-19 Pandemic

We’ll present the findings from a partnership study focused on the impact of the pandemic on inclusive education in BC. The aim of this forum is to have a dialogue about the priority areas emerging from the research findings. These priorities will then inform the creation of
accessible, plain language tools such as policy briefs and infographics that can be used by individuals and organizations in their advocacy efforts.

Dr. Baumbusch is on Twitter @GERONursing

Read all the details about our conference here!

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