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#AdvoCon2021 Panel – BCEdAccess Anti-Ableism Committee

    We’re truly excited to host this panel by our own Anti-Ableism Committee, a community-member driven initiative that’s been doing great work to dismantle ableism in the education system. We hope you will be able to make it to see them speak at AdvoCon2021, our 7th annual education advocacy conference held September 22nd to 26th online!

    Tickets on Eventbrite now – members of the BCEdAccess Facebook group receive a significant discount, and the first 100 tickets purchased receive a care package delivered to their house!


    The Anti-Ableism Committee started as a collective Working Group created by members of BCEdAccess, with the purpose of advancing awareness of ableism within our systems and community, as well as promoting anti-ableism in policies, procedures, pedagogy and curriculum within the BC education system. Seeing the ongoing need for this work as integral to BCEdAccess as a whole, we have incorporated it into our structure as a board committee. Our committee members include: Levonne Abshire, Kim Block, Kaori Lau, Jenn Scharf and Chantelle Morvay-Adams, all parents of children with disabilities and complex needs, with some members also having disabilities themselves.

    Panel: Anti-Ableism Working Group

    You’ll learn:

    1. Why is Important to unpack our own biases during this journey? 
    2. What is Intersectionality and why this has to be a part of the movement.
    3. How does ableism impact our children in the education system?
    4. How does ableism show up in our IEP meetings?

    Read all the details about our conference here, and remember to share!


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