Andree Gacoin is the Director of Research for the BC Teachers Federation. She’ll be sharing information on how classroom teachers make use of different kinds of assessments to support students. We hope you will be able to make it to see her speak at AdvoCon2021, our 7th annual education advocacy conference held September 22nd to 26th online!

Tickets on Eventbrite now – Facebook group members receive a good discounted rate and the first 100 purchased receive a care package delivered to their house!


Andree E Gacoin, 

Director of Research, BC Teachers Federation – She/Her

Dr. Andrée Gacoin is Director of the Division of Information, Research and International Solidarity at the British Columbia Teachers’ Federation. Her research focuses on developing a unique, in-depth and contextualized exploration of education in BC from the perspective of teachers. She has a wide range of experience leading educational research and program activities in diverse communities, including work in Gabon and South Africa. Her work foregrounds research as advocacy to uphold and strengthen an inclusive public education system.

Workshop: A classroom perspective on assessment

You’ll learn: 

  • Understand the purpose of classroom assessment
  • Understand the different forms of classroom assessment that teachers use 
  • Understand how teachers use assessment to better understand student needs
  • Understand the purpose of “large scale assessments” and the context of these texts in BC
  • Will have Q and A

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