July 2021

Blurred image of a drawing with students in a classroom waving, overlaid with the BCEdAccess logo and the text, "Reading 'Adventures of a Stuttering Superhero' with Kim Block."

Reading with Kim Block – July 24

    These empowering stories, written by author Kim Block, talk about stuttering in a matter of fact tone with the goal of fostering empathy and acceptance for children who stutter. With art that intentionally reflects all different examples of diverse abilities, nationality and cultural practices.

    Blurred image of a school whiteboard overlaid with the BCEdAccess logo and text that reads, "Survey Report: Considering Leaving the System"

    Considering Leaving the System

    The circumstances of the ongoing COVID-19 health crisis exacerbated many existing concerns for in-person public school and other forms of schooling. Hear from 453 respondents about their experience in our new report, Considering Leaving the System.