Join BCEdAccess chair Tracy Humphreys for an overview of advocacy steps during typical times and during the COVID-19 pandemic. We hope you will be able to come learn and participate at AdvoCon2020, our 6th education advocacy conference held September 17th to 23rd online, with recordings available after to ticket holders.

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Tracy has ADHD and is a parent to three children with disabilities. An entrepreneur in her business life, she has also been an active volunteer in BC schools for over 20 years and was awarded the 2019 Victoria Community Leadership Award in Lifelong Learning by BC’s Lieutenant Governor Janet Austin. She is currently the founder and chair of the BCEdAccess Society, advocating for equitable access to education for children and youth with disabilities.

Advocacy During A Pandemic

In this session, we’ll go over basic steps and tips to advocate for your child or youth with disabilities in K-12 education. I’ll explain their rights and your rights as a parent/guardian, and I’ll share the specific guidance to school Districts from the Ministry of Education during Covid-19.

You will learn:

About the complaints and advocacy process in the BC K-12 education system

About student and parent rights

About the Covid-19 specific guidelines to School Districts from the Ministry of Education

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